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Alchemy of the Ill

by brothers sick

find some material in your vicinity that you can form into a sculpture - clay, paper, a paperclip, dirt, anything.
keep it nearby.

now, retreat into the mind and body.

try to sense your pulse.
feel this rhythmic magic flow through your veins.
phase into the spirit realm.

take your material and hold it in your hands.
imagine bodies being formed out of clay.
think about how your body was formed.

commune with your ancestors: their prophecies flow through you.

as the video plays, try to bring your own golem creature for protection to life out of your material.
whisper your own words into it, calling upon your own magic and feel the alchemy take over.



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Alchemy of the Ill

brothers sick

Artist Bio

Ezra and Noah Benus founded Brothers Sick, a sibling artistic collaboration on disability justice,
illness, spirituality, and care. Their collaborative project has been supported through exhibitions
at Museion Bolzano (IT), MMK Frankfurt (DE), Pratt Manhattan Gallery (NYC), Visual AIDS
(NYC), The Shed (NYC), Shape Arts (UK), Gibney Dance (NYC). Commissioned published
works include Blackwood Gallery’s SDUK: Lingering, and Kingdom of The Ill reader published
by Hatje Cantz Verlag. Their work has been featured in publications such as Artforum (Susanne
Pfeffer’s #1 artwork highlight of 2021), Pin Up, Mousse Magazine, Ocula, Art Agenda, Publico
ípsilon, and Welt Kunst.